Pay Per View Lock

Pay Per View Lock allows you to lock your content with a unique PayPal button, locking your video for anyone who doesn't accept to pay a specified amount.

To set it up please follow these instructions: 

  1. You will first need to create your own PayPal button. To generate one go here -
    Make sure you are logged into your PayPal account first, and then click here -

Fill in the necessary information here -

And make sure you set URLs on step 3 here -

This is really important as it determines where your viewers will be redirected in scenarios if they payed or if they didn't.
These URLs are created from two things, first one is URL of the page where your video is embedded and the second thing is "success code" or "fail code"

So to create a success URL add your embed page for example:"successcode"

The same goes for fail URL:"failcode"

Just paste those two from vooPlayer settings into the image above.

To find "success code" or "fail code" you'll have to create your Pay Per View Lock.
Go to Audience Locks here - 593ff7e32c7d3a0747cddc07

Here are your "success code" and "fail code" -

Once you are done with this, click the create button from the PayPal page here -

This will generate your button code like so -

Once you have your button code simply paste it into your Pay Per View Lock settings here -