SMTP General Setup

For using the SMTP server, we really only recommend using a dedicated SMTP service like,,, Amazon SES, etc.
By using your own SMTP server you will be able to send emails for your business through vooPlayer.

Use this document as a guide to setting up the SMTP service, SendGrid.

1) To set up your SMTP go to your account here -

2) Provide SMTP credentials:

SMTP Credentials

Now you need to go to You want 3 pieces of information from this page

  1. Server host name / SMTP Server (Marked #1 above)
  2. Port number / SMTP Port (Marked #2 above) 587 
  3. TLS connection / Encryption (Marked #3 above)
  4. Default From Address is the Sender's Email
  5. Username is the SMTP Username
  6. Password is the SMTP Password