Current Accounts & Migration

This article is going to review how current vooPlayer users will be migrated to v4

License Migration

With the release of v4, vooPlayer will transition to 2 account types: PRO and ENTERPRISE.  It is important to note that the "new PRO" accounts with v4 are not the same as the "current PRO" accounts.

Here's how your current vooPlayer account will migrate:

1) All current vooPlayer customers, with the exception of those with a current PRO account paying a recurring fee, will be transitioned to the NEW vooPlayer PRO accounts

2) All current vooPlayers customers with current PRO accounts paying a recurring fee, will be transitioned to an ENTERPRISE account.  

(Please note that the difference in features between the new PRO and ENTERPRISE licenses will be described in a separate article)

3) If you are using our completely free, old Standard accounts, those accounts will need to upgrade to our Enterprise license in order to continue creating new videos.  The Standard licenses are being disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, license, or how this will affect you then please contact the helpdesk.