Setting Up a Custom Domain

If you do not wish to use as your vooPlayer domain, there are a couple of possible options.

For both options, please note that when you are entering in a URL, you do not enter http:// https:// or www instead,  just enter your domain.

First option, by default is available, so simply enter it under "My Site settings" and it is done.

Second option, to set up a completely custom domain is more advanced and it gives you more freedom.

To set up your custom domain and site, go to My Site & Clients.

Click on the pen icon to edit your site settings:

Here you can manage your site's appearance

This means you can set your own name, upload your logo and set your theme color.

Clicking settings will open more options

Here's the main part, this is where you set your custom domain, support mail, link.

To set up a custom domain, rather than using registered sub-domain, you will need to do two things:

  1. Set up your site in Cloud Flare by following their instructions.
  2. Finally add your CNAME record (your own domain) as an alias of using these instructions.

As well as determine the custom price of your SMS credits and Storage space or Bandwidth.