To set up your Interspire integration you'll first have to go inside your Interspire account and look for:

-XML username

-XML path

-XML token

To find those click Users and Groups on the top right on your screen and then View User Accounts, see here -

Now you'll see your users, choose the one you want and click "edit" on the right  like here -

Now all you have to do is click "Advanced User Settings" and you'll see your username, path and token needed to connect with vooPlayer

Now, to connect it with vooPlayer, go to your account settings here -

Choose Integrations and API

Choose Interspire integration here

And paste your username, path and token gathered from your Interspire account.

Your Interspire account is officially connected to vooPlayer, now you can create your first Optin that's connected to your lists in Interspire.

Follow the next process.

To create Optin box connected to Interspire follow next steps. 

Optin box is located under Audience Actions under Locks here - 

Click to activate Optin Box and click to connect it to your autoresponder here-

You'll have to click "Connect New Integration" and choose Interspire

After that choose your Interspire list and add list -

All you have to do now is click save and you are ready.