Video Funnels

Video Funnels are your Interactive Branching Module.

This is such a great feature that allows you to create interactive videos your viewers will definitely enjoy. And you will gather all lead information about your audience just by implementing this to your videos.

You can check our funnel video here just as an example of how it works - 

Here's how to create one!

Go to Video Funnels here -

Here's how you settings page for funnels looks like -

Here you are able to add your questions, sub questions and answers. You can also include your own logo/image for each answer, as well as value for calculating choices at the end. 

You can even add description for your question here -

Option After Answer allows you to control what happens after specific answer.

You can move viewer on next part of the video ( you also specify which part in seconds , or you can move them to the end of the video.

In advanced settings for your answers you can set Custom Value for your answer or Money Value

This is extremely helpful if you are  gathering information and exporting it later on. For example if you're question is "What gender are you?" and the answers are "boy" and "girl", you can set value to "male" and "female". 

Money Value is similar but instead of gathering information it will calculate value for all answers certain viewer clicked on. 

If your question is "Do you want to upgrade to our latest software version?" for yes you can set money value $xx and at the end of the video you will have sum of all money values or answers viewer clicked on. 

Another great option here is to set what happens at the end of your funnel video.

If you set Gather Lead Information, the form will appear asking your viewers for email. This is behaving just like auto-responder would.

Or you can choose to Do Nothing. Which will just turn of this form at the end.

While you are creating your funnel, you can also review it in right corner of your screen.

Question style can be changed from Popup to Overlay 

Once you publish your funnel it will look something like this (remember you can add your own logos for each answer)

To analyse and research your results and answers go to Funnel analytics here

You can filter your answers, values and collect emails

You can also go to My Audience and find even more options. Check our article on My Auduence for that.