My Audience Data

Data for your audience can be found for individual videos (by clicking Video Analytics for a specific video)

or it can be an overview for all your videos when you visit "My Audience" from the left menu

Segments are your research preferences. With them you can find out everything about your viewers. How long have they watched your video, from which device, location. Whether they filled out their email address or any other valuable information. You can create many of them with different or same goals. But their main use case scenario is to help you research your funnels. If you don't know what Video Funnels are, check this article here - 

Let's see more about creating one from the beginning. 

Click Create New Segment, type in the name and click Create

On the left side you'll see a base of all your data (viewers) and on the right side are your filters 

Checking the toggle will activate this filter.
Last filter is a feature that allows you to search for various answers viewers chose inside your funnels. This is of most value if you are planning on doing any marketing related research segments.

You can save the segment you are working on now and use it later on as well. Also you can export it as .csv file in Excel by clicking Export Segment here -