Using Turbo Bandwidth

Access to turbo bandwidth/CDN video delivery will only be available for Enterprise license accounts.  This means your videos are being processed and loading much faster than our standard delivery.

Please note that turbo bandwidth is only being used if you are uploading your videos directly to vooPlayer and uses the latest in CDN technology.  Each time someone is watching videos that are being hosted on vooPlayer they are using your Turbo Bandwidth.

Enterprise v4 accounts will have 50 GB of bandwidth each month

PRO accounts will not have videos delivered via CDN/Turbo bandwidth.  Those are delivered via our standard servers.

You can check your bandwidth balance here - 

Also you can purchase additional bandwidth by clicking "Buy Additional Bandwidth" 

From there you will choose the which plan you want to purchase -

Clicking on any of those will bring purchasing menu where you can confirm already entered credit card or add new one.

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