License Information

Going forward with version 4, vooPlayer will have two licenses. Those are PRO and Enterprise. Only Enterprise will be available for purchase, while the new PRO accounts are for some grandfathered customers.  Here is how that works:

All subscription (yearly or monthly) based v3 users will automatically be Enterprise in v4, and all one time payment v3 licences will automatically be PRO in v4.

One of the biggest benefits you are getting with Enterprise is the use of Turbo Bandwidth Storage.  Your videos will delivered via a powerful CDN network.

With PRO license you are getting 5 GB of regular storage space.  With Enterprise you will get 50 GB of regular storage space + 50 GB of Turbo Bandwidth. 

In addition with Enterprise you are also able to:

  • Use the Funnels module, 
  • Use the Audience module,
  • Build out user profiles for viewers,
  • Turbo bandwidth,
  • Use the Playlists module,
  • Record a video from the app, 
  • Add pre & post roll videos, 
  • Add floating video feature, 
  • Use pre-made video player skins, 
  • Add push notifications, 
  • Add password protect lock to your videos, 
  • Add multiple optin boxes to your timeline, 
  • Add Robust API request that communicate with the player, 
  • Add Custom start and end point in videos