Opt-in To Watch

Opt-in To Watch feature allows you to grab email addresses of your viewers.
It will lock the video at desired point and let your viewers know they need to type their email address to continue to watch the video.

This feature is amazing because you can connect it to your Autoresponder and you will be able to collect email addresses with Email Marketing Platforms.
To find out more about which integrations are available with vooPlayer check this category here - 

This feature is located in Audience Actions under Locks here -

Clicking on the feature will open further settings -

To turn on the feature just switch the toggle at the top on

Here you'll be able to edit Lock Title as well as displaying text.
Check the first box if you want to collect viewers name along side their email addresses.

The second check box is for Autoresponder connection, checking it will open advanced settings -

You can set your integration directly here by adding a new one, or you can choose from previously added integrations by clicking on the drop list.

When you add your integration, you'll also have to add the list where you are collecting data -

All you have to do now is click Create Opt-in and save your video.
in this case, all collected email addresses will be added to my list in my mailChimp account.